Friday, June 24, 2011

Episode 19 To Catch A Knitter

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Behind The Scenes:
  • Funky Carolina Shetland Wool in the Vibrant Jewels Colorway (3 ounces spun)

In The Spotlight:
  1. Check out the CSI Most Wanted Patterns here
  2. Pick your favorite pattern
  3. Leave a comment here with what pattern is your favorite and why by Midnight Friday July 1st, 2011

A Round Of Applause:



  1. Steve you seriously had me laughing out loud when you were talking about the Sunday Market Shawl and knitting on the stockinette part!
    I hope you and Erin are having fun today at the fiber fest or whatever it's called. LOL I bet you drove through my hometown of Bloomington/Normal IL while you were heading up to Chicagoland. :D

  2. That's the awesome thing about patterns... they don't expire! You'll get to it one day. ^_^