Saturday, July 30, 2011

Episode 24 Vacation Is Almost Here!

Now Performing:
Taking A Bow:

In Rehearsal:
Behind The Scenes:
709 yards of a Lace to Light Fingering
  • Organic Merino in the Zinnia Garden Colorway

In The Spotlight:
Highland Handmades White Spruce Top Superwash BFL 4 ounces in the Loki's Whim Colorway

A Round Of Applause:
  • Thank you to Beverly for her generous donation to the podcast!
  • Thank you to Tina from NC (weezie72377) for gifting me the Botanic Hat pattern!
  • Summer Stash Down 2011
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  1. hey I have a niddy noddy and a skein winder (sunflower skein winder) and I prefer to wind it vis the skein winder. To get tighter skeins try tying them via a dyer knot (a figure 8) and they will stay together better. I use the skein winder for when I wash my skeins and my niddy noddy for when I am finished washing them for a tighter skein.